Jesus is God. John 1:1 says, "In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God and the Word was God." (NIV)

Do you know Him?

When I was a young girl I attended church with my family. Mostly my grandparents. I remember hearing of Jesus and his love for me. I had heard of all that He sacrificed so that I may come to the Father. But, it did not become real to me until I was 31 years old. Believe me, there is a tremendous difference in knowing who Jesus is and in knowing Jesus personally.

For me Jesus became my personal Savior when I realized what his birth, life, death and ressurection entailed and meant for me. A sinner. Just let me say to you before you read anymore.... That Jesus is my everything! If you think you know Jesus or if you don't know anything about Jesus please continue to read my testimony. Either way I want to share with you what Christ Jesus has done for me. So, that maybe you might realize what He has done for you! It is so very personal. And once you grasp that..... you'll never want to let go of Him! It is your choice. But, remember that He is always there waiting for you to answer the door and let Him into your heart forever.

Jesus is the Way, the Truth, and the Life!
Have you ever noticed that there people all over the world who get everything they want but, they never seem happy? Have you ever wondered why? Some people try to fill that void with money, homes, cars, children, spouses, many relationships, work, hobbies, television, music, books, food, alcohol, drugs, etc. I am sure that you get the picture. I am sure that most of us in this world have to tried to find fulfillment in at least one of these. I personally tried to find fulfillment in all of them. This is what makes my testimony a little unusual. I know that a lot of people cry out to God for help with they are in trouble or when they really need something. When they have exhausted every man-made avenue available to them or when they know that a miracle is required. A lot of the time people will come to know the LORD through a trial in their life. And still, some people will call upon Him and not come to know Him. Me? Well, it started with a book I bought for my husband that answered 1001 Bible questions. One night while my husband and I had retired to our bedroom I was looking through my Christmas gifts and I could not remember what my sister had gotten for me for Christmas. I told my husband that part of our list included video tapes and that my sister had gotten us a package. But, that was all that I could remember. My feelings were crushed. I felt unloved. Not because I expected anything large, or expensive. Just something with a little thought and consideration put into the purchase. I picked up the Bible question book and began to skim through reading the various questions and reading the responses given based on Scripture. As I read I found some answers that I didn't agree with but, I couldn't back up my response. So, out came my Bible that my wonderful husband had to given to me for a wedding present two and a half years earlier. And that gift was underappreciated at that time also. I had my Bible in the bottom drawer of my hutch and it had hardly been opened. I looked up some of the verses to the questions and as I began to read I didn't feel comfortable with what I was reading. Conviction! See, the truth is not always easy to hear... but, it will set you free!

My husband works for a nursing agency and he works nights. So, he works 12-14 hour nights. My son was out of school for Christmas break so, I had plenty of time on my hands. It was snowing outside and I was hibernating for the winter. I had no idea that it would be the season in my life that the LORD would call upon me and speak to my heart ever so gently.

Our God is an awesome God. Over the next few months I would begin to learn about my personal Savior. How intimate can a realtionship be when it is with your very own Creator. Who else would know you better? No one. Not even yourself. It is a love that works on the inside. It speaks to your spirit. As you learn who you are in Jesus Christ you realize that there is nothing in or on this earth that can defeat you. For Christ conquered death and the grave. And if He dwells within me then doesn't it stand to reason that there is nothing that cannot be overcome in your life?

When the LORD spoke to me I didn't realize that it was Him. I think most of us probably think of this big ordeal occuring where the sky splits and the clouds boom, etc. Yet, He spoke to me so gently and I could not resist the call. So powerful and yet so gentle and full of love. See, the LORD knows each and everyone one of us inside and out. Therefore, He knows how to reach us. What speaks to me and my heart may not be the same for you. We are all different people. But, the difference that really matters in us all is how we respond to the call. I've always known that we were created and that all that is around was created. The work of the hands of the one true living God. Any other idea that man came up with never made sense to me. Why do some people believe in other things? I don't know. But, I do know if people really would ask themselves why they don't believe in God and really be honest I think that they would probably realize that their belief comes out of pride. Some people feel like they have to know everything. Why? Because they want to feel that they have an understanding of it so that they may master it and be in control. If you believe in God then you must be totally trusting in Him, and believe His word. My question is this.... What is about believing in God that is so scary for people? There is nothing about believing God that is negative. He has provided the Way for us to have eternal life. Now, tell me.... what is so bad about that? Even in the secular world we know that the more we give of ourselves... the more we get back. Right? God is a God of promise. He is our hope and salvation.

No matter what you've done in your life I must tell you that in spite of yourself that God loves you. And if think that being a Christian means that you have to be perfect then you have been misinformed. Because we will never be perfect. For there is only One that has come and lived the perfect life and that is the Son of God, Jesus Christ. Being a Christian means that you live your life in pursuit of being Christ-like. A lot of people think that it is just a bunch of rules. Let me ask you this. As a child we are guided and directed by our parents to do what they say is best for us even though we don't always agree or understand. But, as we get older we begin to see that they actually knew what they were talking about. Well, God is our Heavenly Father and He is perfect and He created us and has known us always even before we exsisted in this natural world...... wouldn't it be an absolute that He knows what is best for us? God's Word is an absolute in this fleeting world. Who better to write the manual for man than the God that created man? There is something more than what we see here on this earth. There are people who don't believe in God that believe that there is something more. God doesn't what to take things away from you... He wants to give you life! Much more than what this world will ever give you.

How many times have you seen people who were wealthy, and smart and successful say that they had everything in the world that they thought would make them happy but, there was still something missing? There was something missing. The most important thing. Jesus Christ. God wants us to be happy. He wants us to find true Joy! That only comes from the Son of God. Let me say that there is nothing wrong with being wealthy as long as you are not put in a position where it rules your life.... in other words... it doesn't become a god in your life. See, when you live in the world you lose yourself to the world. But, when you live in the Word of God then you find yourself.

Do you want to be set free?
free /free/ adj. & v. not in bondage to or under the control of another

What are you controlled by? Is it your struggles, your imperfections, your possessions? Wouldn't be wonderful to not be held in bondage by these things? It is possible? For all things are possible with God. You know being in a circumstance doesn't mean that you have to succumb to the situation. You can rise above. People may try to harm you, or talk about you or take things away from you but, there is something that they never take away from you and that is your heart. There are lots of ways to force people to do things but, they can never control what you feel. They cannot get on the inside and change what you feel. But, God can. So, that no matter what happens around you in your life you will always overcome because what is on the outside cannot take away what God gives you and places on the inside.

What does God place on the inside?
When you know and accept that God is our Creator and that his Word is the Truth then you will begin to grasp what God places on the inside. If you accept God's Word then you accept that we as humans are born into sin and that we are sinners by nature. Well, you realize this fact you then want to know what do you need to do about your sin. Well, you must confess your sin to God and believe that God sent his Only Begotten Son to die for your sins. Jesus Christ came to stand in our place. Even in this world most of us believe that when someone does something wrong that they must pay. Right? Well, when we sin there must be payment or atonement for the sin. In the Old Testament or the Torah God provided a way for man to make atonement for his sin by sacrificing a animal without flaw. But, to man this became something that you just did. In other words man lost its meaning. So, it became a ritual rather than a rite. It was never the sacrifice or the offering that was pleasing to God but, a broken and contrite spirit. King David wrote about this in one of his psalms. I don't know about you but, doesn't an apology mean so much more when it comes from someone's heart as opposed to them doing it out of obligation? God doesn't force us to do anything. He wants it to come from out hearts. So, God sent his Son to die on the cross for our sins. Jesus Christ was the sacrifice, the Atonement for our sins. His blood was shed that our sins and iniquities may be paid in full so that we may never be separated from the Father by anything. Sin keeps us from God because He cannot look upon sin and if we are of sinful nature then how could He look upon us without the sacrifice? That is why no one will ever love us more than our Heavenly Father. After you have confessed your sin then, you must accept that Jesus Christ died for those sins and it is in Him that you place your trust and hope because He died and rose again.

Knowing that you may approach our perfect Heavenly Father now because the sin has been paid for. When you do this and truly believe this in your heart then God's Holy Spirit will dwell in you and will be with you until the day the LORD returns. The Holy Spirit is the Spirit of God, the Spirit of Truth and He will be your Counselor and will be your Teacher in what is right and what is in accordance with God's Word and will help you to live in the abundance of Christ Jesus. The Holy Spirit speaks to your spirit and so you become more than just flesh. Your spirit comes alive and you are set free from you flesh and this natural world because Jesus conquered death in this world. So there is nothing that can defeat you. You are free! You are born again. Do these words speak to your heart? Do you feel something inside of you breaking free? Are you moved and stirred up inside? Do you feel a longing to accept Jesus Christ into your heart and accept that He died for you sins so that you may come to our Heavenly Father? If you do then please say this prayer....


I am sinner. I come to you Jesus and I ask that you would forgive me of my sins and I accept that you died on the cross and paid for my sins. I ask that You would come into my heart and be Lord of my life all the days of my life. I ask that your Holy Spirit would dwell in me and be my Counselor and Teacher so that I may walk in the ways of the LORD. That your Word would be written on my heart and that I would live life abundantly in Christ Jesus. I ask you LORD to set me free and write the Truth upon my heart. In the Name of Christ Jesus, AMEN.

If you have decided to believe then please know that this is the day that the LORD had set for you from the beginning of time. Before you ever exsisted this day was set aside for you.
If you have accepted Jesus Christ into your heart please email me at mjc4him@dam.net or get in contact with someone that you know is a Christian or pray and simply ask God to provide you with someone to help you along in your journey with Christ Jesus. As you make your journey from here on out just remember that He is carrying you on this journey and that He is your rest! May God bless you all the days of your life!

John 3:16 (NIV) "For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him may have eternal life. For God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but to save the world through him."